Highlights and News from HMEI

Organization History

The Hope Organization is the parent company for the  Hope Montessori Infant and Toddler Community, the Hope Montessori Academies, and the Andrews Academies traditional elementary schools.  Over the course of our 40+ years of operation, Hope has become a leader in education, having evolved from a single campus in the heart of Creve Coeur, Missouri, a suburb of west St. Louis County.  The Hope organization now comprises a network of 16 schools throughout the greater Midwest region.  More than 2,000 children are educated in the classrooms, halls and on the grounds of these schools every day.

Although we offer both Montessori and traditional alternatives in education, our organization is perhaps most widely known for the Montessori schools from which it originated.  In response to a growing interest in Montessori education, the mission of the Hope organization has been extended to include a new objective - the education and development of Montessori teachers.  The Hope Montessori Educational Institute (HMEI), a Montessori teacher education program, was launched in the Summer of 2012 to fulfill this objective.

Excellence is the hallmark of the Hope organization. Over the past 3½ decades, we have earned the respect and recognition of the greater educational community and the public at large, as a superior source for private education. It is the intention of the organization to carry this tradition forward into HMEI as a way to further promote quality Montessori education in the U.S. and around the globe.