Highlights and News from HMEI

Commitment & Mission of HMEI

Core values anchor the growth of the Hope organization and they guide our vision for the future. They include:

  • Children — We hold an abiding belief in the individuality of every child and recognize each one as a valued member of our greater learning community.
  • Respect — We engender within our children and our teachers, a sense of respect for self, others, the environment and the world around us, in accordance with the fundamental tenets of Montessori philosophy.
  • Learning — We endeavor to ignite the curiosity and thirst for knowledge that is innate to every student by capitalizing on the individual’s emergent interests and natural motivation to engage in spontaneous learning.
  • Global Community — We foster independence within the context and diversity of a global community, by preparing our students to embrace the duties and responsibilities of global citizenship.

Mission of HMEI

It is the mission of the Hope Montessori Educational Institute to insure the transmission of quality Montessori education through the development of teachers and schools that nurture creativity, curiosity, compassion, respect and a joyfulness for life. Our objective extends beyond educating adult learners in the technical and procedural requirements for acquiring Montessori certification. At HMEI, certification is a byproduct of our mission to ignite our students’ passion for the process of learning, to inspire them to explore and create new, innovative ways in which to extend and expand their own learning and that of the young students for whom they will soon be responsible. By preparing our teacher education students for the responsibilities of leadership within the global Montessori community, we will enable them to carry the spirit of Dr. Montessori’s work into the future, for the benefit of generations to come. Through this and through the promotion and advancement of quality Montessori education, we hope to make a meaningful contribution to a more harmonious and peaceful world.